What we are interested in? FAMILY – all its members and their interactions, how they cooperate and are in conflict, how they evolve and develop, how they impact and are under influence of local communities, organizations, workplace. The main fields of our interest and activities are:

  • Education – We would like to prepare our children have success both in career and personal life. We believe that the only way to achieve that goal is giving the child active role in the learning process. Therefore, we propose the child-oriented methods passing to him / her responsibility of self-development, encouraging cooperation with others, enhancing the interest and motivation, increasing the efficiency of learning, allowing better control of his/her behavior and shaping his moral attitudes.
  • Personal development – in the family we play multiple roles and devote ourselves to the diverse activities. We raise children, take care of the household, work to maintain and realize our passions, cnstantly teetering between cooperation and conflict, because our loved ones give us support, but also the common life causes a lot of tension. To function well, to strike a balance between our aspirations and needs of others, between work and home and, to be happy and give happiness to others we need number of skills, knowledge and developed attitudes. We encourage you to develop continuously and work together, offering interesting reading & watching materials and trainings.