Non-Formal Education

The non-formal eduction moves our heads, hands and hearts – it is its power. It develops competencies in complex way giving the learner chance for practical activities and reflection, builds our self-consciousness and inner motivation, raises our self-esteem and drives us towards changes.

In brief: non-formal education arranges circumstances, so that participant could learn, what he wants. 

On 1-5 December 2015 Polski Związek Głuchych Oddział Opole supported by MIGOWO.PL performed project “Non-formal Education is My Power!” funded by means of Erasmus + Program. Here we present materials created in result of this project.

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Gender Equality. Lesson plan for High School Students

While the world has achieved progress towards gender equality  and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals (including equal access to primary education between girls and boys), women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world. “Gender mainstreaming is the (re)organisation, improvement, development and evaluation of policy processes, so […]

Phenomenon-based week in Vasaramäki comprehensive school in Finland

The goverment in Finland have accepted the new curriculum to comprehensive schools. Some of the lessons will be taught in an interdisciplinary way and learning will be phenomenon based. The new curriculum determines teachers to create new study programmes. Pupils are going to be an integral part of this creating process. Available downloads: Phenomenon-based week in Vasaramaki school. […]

Salto Toolbox – usefull tools learning

Established in 2000, SALTO-YOUTH is a network of eight Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the youth field. As part of the European Commission’s Training Strategy, SALTO-YOUTH provides non-formal learning resources for youth workers and youth leaders and organises training and contact-making activities tosupport organisations and National Agencies within the frame of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ […]

Junior High School Project ‘Fairy tale for a pre-schooler’

The project ‘Fairy tale for a pre-schooler’ is a project which has been run in our school for 6 years and its main objective is to facilitate the relationship between 6-year-old pupils and junior high school students. On the premises pre-school classes share the hallways with teenagers, therefore the occasional ‘encounters’ between them remain unavoidable. […]

Non-Formal Education is My Power!

I have the great pleasure of announcing that Wikiakademia is a part of Non-Formal Education is My Power! project lead by Polski Związek Głuchych Oddział Opolski (Opole Branch of Polish Association of Deaf) with Erasmus+ funds. This venture is very special since the first time it brings together people working with youth, not only from different organizations but also […]